Protecting Our Community

We chose the name Westman Fire Protection because our entire team are Westman families.

Protecting and supporting our community is our mission. We believe in keeping money locally in our community, and building Westman strong and proud.

With over 20 years of experience, our team is efficient, certified, reliable and dedicated to making your experience a positive one!

Here at Westman Fire Protection, we are here to keep you safe and secure - because to us, we are all a part of the Westman family.

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We will take care of all your fire protection needs!

Our Team

Tyler Robertson
Owner/ Manager

In the industry since 2002

Tyler is a red seal fire sprinkler system installer, with 18 years experience in installation, service and inspecting water based fire protection systems. 
He is also factory trained & certified on foam systems, pressurized hand-portable and wheeled fire extinguishing units.

He is experienced in installations of water based fire protection systems in commercial, residential and industrial settings. 

As required, he carries City of Brandon licences for the testing, inspecting and repair of cross connection and backflow prevention devices and water based fire protection systems. 

Tyler has spent the last 3 years as the Western Regional Manager in local fire protection, before branching out to help start a local business: Westman Fire Protection.

Bill Blanchard
Sprinkler Sales & Services

In the industry since 1993

Bill has been working in fire protection for over 25 years. He has been involved with projects in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. 

His roles started in design of sprinkler systems, testing of fire pumps and standpipe systems.
He then moved into sales management, design and project management roles.

Bill was trained at Red River Community College as a Mechanical Draftsperson. He has challenged the N.I.C.E.T (National Institute of Certified Engineering Technologists) designers exams, and has completed level two with more than half the exams completed for level 3. (total of 4 levels)

Bill has been factory trained in CO2 hi and low pressure systems, and Novec 1230 suppression systems. He has also been involved in commercial, residential and industrial water based and suppression installations under N.F.P.A. and F.M. guidelines. 

Bill joins Westman Fire Protection with a wealth of experience and knowledge and a passion for protecting our community.

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2001 49th St E  Brandon MB R7A 7R2

Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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2001 49th St E  Brandon MB R7A 7R2