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Dry Chemical Paint Booths

Beach Deck

Working with chemicals requires strict safety measures, and a dependable fire suppression system is crucial to protecting workers.

Westman Fire Protection is fully certified in Amerex Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System. It is designed and has been tested to provide fire protection
for industrial operations involving various dry chemicals.

The system is composed of an agent cylinder / discharge valve charged with Amerex ABC Dry Chemical and either a
Mechanical Release Module (MRM), a Pneumatic Release Module (PRM), an Electrical Release Module (ERM), or an
Electric Control Head (ECH). The quantity of detectors, fusible links, nozzles, corner pulleys, pulley tees and manual pull
stations will vary depending on design.

The system operates either automatically if actuated by a detector or manually if actuated by a manual pull station.
Upon system operation, energy sources for the appliances are shut off immediately. The MRM (ERM) incorporates
mechanical and electrical provisions to facilitate the operation of auxiliary devices such as mechanical or electric gas
valves and remote audible or visual signal devices.

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